Friday, May 8, 2009

The weekend is upon us

I am now on facebook thanks to Bingo Bonnie. I have a farm and have money coming in from the crops I planted, lol. I know even have a fence for my goat which I guess I didn't need since he didn't run away over night, LOL. Something else to do (I guess).

Murphy's very large playpen arrived yesterday and we put it together last night. I need to get a 2 small sized perches and she will be ready to once she looks at it for a few days and I figure out how to get the seed guards on it. I have never put them on any of her cages because I didn't think I needed them and I didn't know how to put them on. This thing came with no instructions so I e-mailed the company to see if they can help. I sure hope they can. The seed guards will also keep her from dumping her dinner ont he floor and that is a good thing. I sure hope it only take a few days of her looking at it before I can put her on to play. It will be nicer for her and us.

Have a GREAT weekend.

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