Thursday, May 14, 2009


I have to get Murphy packed up to take her to the babysitters Friday night through Tuesday. I have a business trip so off to Columbus for Tom and I. I really hate this trip but I must.

I have ordered a new digital camera and it should be here Friday so expect some pictures. I am getting excited. The other camera will go to Tom, it takes great pictures I just wanted a smaller one to keep in my purse for those picture taking moments that you run across and wish you had the camera with you. Well now I will.

I hope to have everyone packed so I CAN sew on Saturday and just maybe my Miranda Purse will be done to use for the trip. I can only hope. So keep your fingers crossed that I can sit that long on Saturday to get it done.


  1. I commented on here yesterday, but my comment is not here!!
    Well anyway, I hope you feel better!!
    Have a good trip, and take it easy. Don`t overdo it.

  2. I deleted yesterdays post because it was too negative. I am taking it easy but things are not even as good as last one since it did it differently this time and immediately I felt it all the way into my hips. Columbus is alot of work so hopefully I will be better by then. If not, oh well I still have to go on.