Sunday, May 24, 2009


We went fishing today and had a great time. It was hot but we got 70 blue gill. My new ultra light fishing pole worked just the way I wanted and I caught the 2 biggest fish.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Another Day

I have been working on cleaning all the closets in the house and setting up the sewing room closet for nothing but sewing things. What a job. I still have one closet left and that will be tomorrow.

Here is a picture of my pond. I have been working on it to get it into shape. I still have a little more to do but it is just so humid I can't do it right now. Early in the morning is when I will do it.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I picked Murphy up today from the babysitters (breeder's) and she was so happy to be home with mom. Here she is playing on her new playgym.

I also did a little re-organizing in my sewing room to make room for the new machine. I have it in place and now on to move other things around.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Made it home from the work conference about 3:00 PM today but had to water all the plants. The ones on the front porch are wilted but hope to save them. Still trying to get unpacked, fabric washed and then find room for the new sewing machine so I can play with it.

I hope to start reorganizing my sewing room tomorrow so I can get down to business.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


We had to be in Columbus for a work conference Monday and Tuesday so we left this morning so we could stop at shopping spots I had mapped out a few days ago. We hit up the Stitching Post in Dayton (they are closing) and I bought 15 yards of a few different fabrics and a back up sewing machine. I didn't want anything even as fancy as I bought but just something as a back up for when my Viking goes into the shop yearly I can still sew. I got half off. I bought an Elna 5100. I can't want to get home to try it out.

Also, I have been palying with my new camera and it is great. It is clear and stops even moving traffic for a clear picture. WOW amd I going to have fun with this.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mariner's Compass Batik Quilt Blocks

My best friend Tammy and I are making these blocks. I am not going out to buy special batiks for the blocks, I am using what I have in my stash. This is what I have done so far. I hope to get back to these next week after I come back from the conference.

Friday, May 15, 2009

My new camera will be here today and then I will take pictures of blocks I have worked on and other things. I can't wait. My old camera takes good pictures but I hope this one takes GREAT pictures. It is smaller and I can take everywhere with me because it will fit in my purse.

Can you tell I am excited??? LOL

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I have to get Murphy packed up to take her to the babysitters Friday night through Tuesday. I have a business trip so off to Columbus for Tom and I. I really hate this trip but I must.

I have ordered a new digital camera and it should be here Friday so expect some pictures. I am getting excited. The other camera will go to Tom, it takes great pictures I just wanted a smaller one to keep in my purse for those picture taking moments that you run across and wish you had the camera with you. Well now I will.

I hope to have everyone packed so I CAN sew on Saturday and just maybe my Miranda Purse will be done to use for the trip. I can only hope. So keep your fingers crossed that I can sit that long on Saturday to get it done.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Daisy Quilts - May Give Away

Here is a new to me blog. She is having a give away so check out to the side. Click on this link or the one in my sidebar. I need to find time to check it all out. Maybe after I get back from my procedure. Nope, that won't work because I want to sew if I feel up to it. I will find time. Be back later.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Came into the office this morning and was faced with a sewer smell. Nasty! I checked all the garbage cans and did find a surprise in one and cleaned it but the smell is sewer gas. We have no drains in this office except the sink. I check the bathrooms and they don't smell. I called out MSD and they did a dye test and all is running right there so now to find out what this is. The landlord is confused and so am I.

Now to finish putting out all the other fires that started over night.

Have a great day.

Monday, May 11, 2009

No, Say It Isn't Sew

There was no sewing yesterday. I am really disappointed. By the time I did all my outside chores with the new trees and some new sod it was getting to be afternoon. Then it was lunchtime. After lunch I had to cut the new perches to go on Murphy's playgym (playpen but I want to start calling a playgym since she isn't a baby anymore) and then time for Murphy to get out and play and eat dinner until bedtime. Time sure does have a way to fly right on by.

I have to get another procedure done on my T-Spine on Wednesday and if I feel up to it maybe I can sew for a little bit. I want to get my miranda bag done before I have to go to Columbus on on the 17th. Wish me luck.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Today is going to be lazy with some sewing. I did manage to get most everything done yesterday. YEAH, now off to sew.

OH, I almost forgot..... I download my pictures from COG 09 and I have a few good ones of Tammy. Tammy, I sent you the one in question and it is up to you if I post it. It isn't that bad.

Nicki, your new panties are just what Rob ordered. Should I show them????? Yoy can tell me no if you want, I sent you the pics.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

I am beat

WOW, All that planting has made me tired and sore. We planted 2 trees and yesterday and last night we bought mega flowers and 5 tomato plants and they all got planted today. Then we had to drain and clean and refill the hot tub, cut grass and trim. Now Murphy will be eating shortly and then on to the laundry. What a day but now since I did get that all done today I get sew my miranda bag tomorrow. The day is going to be filled with whatever I want to do or not to do.

Friday, May 8, 2009

I did get some things done

Today at lunch I went out did some shopping. I got the dowel rods for Murphy's palypen and while at Michaels I picked up 4 baskets that have the fabric liners (on sale) to help with organizing my sewing room and went to the nursery and picked up the tomato plants. Now tonight I will get my flowers for 4 pots that I have and 2 hanging baskets. This will make me ready to plant, plant and plant all day tomorrow. I will also but the dowels for Murphy and put the slit on the ends.

Spring and Summer are always so busy but I do enjoy being outdoors.

Have a nice weekend.

The weekend is upon us

I am now on facebook thanks to Bingo Bonnie. I have a farm and have money coming in from the crops I planted, lol. I know even have a fence for my goat which I guess I didn't need since he didn't run away over night, LOL. Something else to do (I guess).

Murphy's very large playpen arrived yesterday and we put it together last night. I need to get a 2 small sized perches and she will be ready to once she looks at it for a few days and I figure out how to get the seed guards on it. I have never put them on any of her cages because I didn't think I needed them and I didn't know how to put them on. This thing came with no instructions so I e-mailed the company to see if they can help. I sure hope they can. The seed guards will also keep her from dumping her dinner ont he floor and that is a good thing. I sure hope it only take a few days of her looking at it before I can put her on to play. It will be nicer for her and us.

Have a GREAT weekend.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Miranda Bag

When in NH we had a group project that we were going to do but Tammy and I never made it to class so on Mother's Day I am going to start to put mine together. I can't wait to get it done then I can work on the batik blocks and get them done for a quilt Tammy and I are doing.

Sew much to do and so little time.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

This Weekend

This weekend is going to be full. I was in Manchester, NH April 23 through April 27 with my best friend. We had a blast but my dh was suppose to plant the 3 trees I bought the week before and one one was planted after I came back so the other 2 will be this weekend. I can't wait.

Speaking of NH, it was a blast and I can't wait to do something with Tammy again. She was the perfect roomie. I just wish there would of been more time. When I go to NC in 2011 I will be staying longer and hoefully Tammy can also.

Gotta run, more later.


I had to start a new blog because some of the buttons disappeared from the other one and I couldn't change something that I really wanted to change.

I hope to get this back the way it was with a few changes and post more often.